About us

We are a part of corporate student body who are passionate with new ideas. We specialise in entrepreneurship and we create younger minds

About Us

Entrepreneurship cell, UPES, is a non- profit organisation governed and run by the beaming , determined students who work together in co-ordination to redeem and realise entrepreneurial spirit in each of them, by channelising their idea and energy on the basis of 4 pathways: energy, infrastructure, technology and transportation by creating an entrepreneurial environment through workshops, events, innovative ideas, games, sponsor session with sharp networking , consultancy and mentoring.


A budding entrepreneur never gives up 5 landmarks – perspire, explore, create, volunteer, lead. We at E-Cell make sure that we become his ladder at each of these landmarks. For a new entrepreneur, come new reckoning challenges like the capital, mentor-ship, man force, support, market. We at E-Cell, with its equipped, eligible team of many such dreamers, work together to bridge this gap and  groom an idea professionally.

Our domain specific university focuses on energy, infrastructure and  technology. All the ideas have been nurtured, edged and divided on the basis of these 3 categories, so that they are comprehensive and associate well with their target and reach, i.e. the market and consumers. We uplift every startup from the categorised 3 levels i.e. we believe that, “If opportunities do not knock, build a door”.


  • Start Up Weekend

One of the most extravagant events in our university, Start up Weekend  in collaboration with startup accelerator Chamber of Commerce was organised on 10th -12th November, 2014. There were  52 registrations done and 9 groups had participated.

3 start ups emerged as winners.

CLOAVTION- Used old cloths to fashionable accessories using re-commerce model

Automatic feeling system for vehicles

TICKLEWearable device for posture correction

Other 6 start us including the 3 have been filed and are under progress for getting patented.

  • EAD

E-Cell, UPES organised entrepreneurship drive in collaboration with IIT-K on 8th Nov, 2014 where we built many ties on professional front with universities for better connectivity and networking.




The US – Uttarakhand Entrepreneurship summit took place in a lapse of 2 days i.e 29th and 30th of January, 2015 which was first of its kind. Many established Entrepreneurs and dignitaries from US and Uttarakhand had come to whole heartedly be a part of this summit. But the best part of this summit was the participation of young budding entrepreneurs i.e us.  The presence had brought an overall impact on not just the event but the students too. The governing debates on Framework on economic development , public policy on development, Small business development and Entrepreneurship using business skills had created an outgrowing serious atmosphere of focused links between Entrepreneurship and its development in India and USA. There were loopholes, there were throat cutting instances, healthy arguments, cross questions, debates but what made it different as one of the most memorable events in the book was our participation that helped us build connections with established personas. It was a place where very individual was given a free platform to express himself and interact without free. Be it your idea, a general question, misconception, support, disagreement etc  all were interactively supported.




On an aspiring note, Start ups from our University got a huge  platform in IIT Roorkee, known as the centre of Entrepreneurship  for Uttarakhand to resent their  plans and explain to authorities. This took place on 14th February.

National Vendor Development program also took place from 12th to 16th of February ,organised by Industrial Association of Uttarakhand where 6 startups which are Tyre re-inflating methods, multi fuel neelam chulha, micro fluidic device, fuel injection system, porcelain insulators, paradrone etc of our college had presented their ideas to the companies for commercialising their idea on a large scale. This one on one talk with some eminent officials can prove to be a turnover. If the idea would be feasible, it will be incubated and funded under various schemes of Government of India opening many further opportunities to showcase their idea on real ground.

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