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Bezirk – A Bosch Startup changing the game in personalization

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Bezirk – A Startup from Bosch is based out of Bosch, US as Bezirk – North America (Responsible for Technology Platform) and Bezirk – India (Responsible for Business, Product Roadmap and Overall Strategy and Customer Application Development). The startup was established to cater to agility in a highly dynamic environment.

The Founding members of Bezirk India, Pavan Govindan and Ragavendra Prabhakar lay out the strategy with the Founder & Business Head of Bezirk – Hemanth Sheelvant on scaling the business in a market they believe they have to address to bridge the gap between Brick and Mortar Store and Online Retail and In-Car User Experience.

Bezirk was setup after looking into the market where the need for personalization was imminent. The first vertical to entry was chosen as Retail after an in-depth study was done by the Business team and concept of how personalization should be was come out with. The same was extended to in-car experience and automotive retail.

The team believes they have the marketing bandwidth of Bosch to cross-sell the product and the understanding of the consumer. “We believe that a large part of the future is the link between the physical and digital worlds.”, says Hemanth.

From Retail, Mobility to Travel and Hospitality – everything can be made smarter with an ecosystem awareness of cross domain lifestyle. Personalized ads which become part of the life of a consumer based on preferences generated through purchase patterns, Product affinity etc would be the way forward. You can Transform In-car User experience as well through Bezirk’s context-aware learning engine by providing various personalized services such as navigation, music, news and other personalized notification for third-party apps with belowUSP

  •  Best in class 1 to 1 Personalization
  •  Privacy-centric solution
  •  P2P Real-time personalization-No cloud requirement
  •   Lightweight


Bezirk is already engaging with partners across the globe be it startups or universities and would continue to do in each of its markets. The eco-system is driven by partnership where they build the next generation personalization is what they are trying to work on.

As Pavan says “You need to scale and to do that you need to establish the partner eco-system”.

Ragavendra echoes the point when he says “Winner takes it all, a maxim becomes more of a reality with internet enabled business. Be it Uber vs Ola, Flipkart vs Amazon or Google Vs Who? In order to establish yourself in such a market, partner ecosystem plays a critical role. Similarly, for personalization, the ability to connect with multiple domains ranging from retail to hospitality to travel and the ability to scale becomes a crucial success factor”.

upes_ecellBezirk – A Bosch Startup changing the game in personalization
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